"The law of Moses and the revelation of the prophets

have prepared you for the arrival

of the kingdom realm announced by John. 

And now, when this wonderful news of God's kingdom

realm is preached, people's hearts 

burn with extreme passion to 

press in and receive it."

Luke 16:16 

Community Prayer Ministry
Gathering of All Prayer Warriors

Courageous Community Church gathers to pray to be strengthened in order to fulfill our community's purpose. 

Each week we gather for an hour to pray together as a body of believers.

Prayer is the foundation of our church because it empowers us to activate and live from the presence of God and the power of the Holy Spirit. 

We pray to tear down strongholds over our families, communities, and cities.

We pray to unite our hearts as a community.

We pray to advance the gospel.

We pray to hear God's voice.

Calling all prayer warriors to rise up and gather together in order to bring Heaven to Earth.